Board, Staff, Meetings

Staff Email:

Kimberly McMunn, APLL | CEO/Head LibrarianEmail:
Beverly | Librarian/Interlibrary Loan Officer
Shirley | Assistant Librarian
Louise | Events Coordinator

Board Email:

Mary Ann Yewer, Chair
Brian Hickey, Vice Chair
Jane Graham, Faraday Community Representative
Paul Jenkins, Bancroft Municipal Representative
David Giles, Faraday Community Representative
Ingo Weise, Limerick Municipal Representative

The North Hastings Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the third Thursday of the month at the Bancroft Town Office at 10:00 am.

Meeting Dates for 2020 are:
February 20, March 19, April 16

The Board is mandated to hold a minimum of 7 meetings per year. The Board does not usually meet in July or August.

Posted after signed approval of the board, all minutes are posted in .pdf. Please note the agenda and full board package are available upon request.