Staycation doesn’t mean Stagnation

Repeat after me… “Change is Good!” Louder! “CHANGE is GOOD!” Okay, now that you have the right mindset, let’s talk about that upcoming holiday, and how you are going to make the change from your usual travel plans. This year, many activities and events are not available. In some cases, travel from place to place […]


COVID-Brain. You may have heard this term. Basically, people are using it to describe a feeling of being disjointed, forgetful, and slow in response to basic interactions. Some feel like they are living in a fog – a haze shading their clarity. Others feel like they have fallen into an abyss, isolated from friends, family, […]

Flattening the Curve of COVID-15

Anxiety, stress, boredom were the first culprits. Then came spare time, structure change and new interests, and before we knew it, the COVID-15 arrived. COVID-15, (a creative spin on the Freshman-15), is the newly formed reference to the weight gain that many people are seeing, as a by-product of the changes to our lifestyles, during […]

New DVDS have arrived!

DVD POOL #10 7 Day Loan, No Renewals   RATING DVD POOL #61 7 Day Loan, No Renewals   RATING Adaptation Comedy, Drama R 5 Day Fit Yoga Self Help Exercise N/A American Psycho , (Uncut version) Comedy, Drama R Angry Inuk Documentary PG Assassin, The Historical, Drama, Action Not Rated Baggage Claim Romantic Comedy […]

Easy Ways to Get Kids Reading This Summer – Part 3

We started with #1 Make It Fun. Then we shared #2 Change It Up. We finish with #3 Finding and Sharing Your Next Great Read…the final segment of Easy Ways to Get Kids Reading This Summer. There are numerous ways to get that next read without out breaking the budget. The most obvious is a […]

Easy Ways to Get Kids Reading This Summer – Part 2

#1 was Make It Fun! Last week, we made suggestions on how to engage younger audiences through challenges and rewards, with summer reading. Remember, this is their journey and they need to make the commitment to follow it through. If they are not engaged and excited, to be part of the process, you may want […]

Easy Ways to Get Kids Reading This Summer – Part 1

That’s right! We are going to explore ideas for keeping the kids engaged with creative thinking, improving literacy skills, and best of all entertained, for the summer months. Now is a good time to start thinking about how to entice the kids with some great reads. The key to your success, is knowing how to […]

Computers Available by Appointment

Beginning Thursday, July 2, 2020, North Hastings Public Library will offer computer service, once again.  Due to social distancing, we now have 2 sit-down computer workstations that can be booked for one hour sessions, and one stand-up computer workstation that can be booked for 30 minutes.  Space has also been created for one hour with […]

To Infinity and Beyond

Have you ever wondered what the adults who used to watch or read Scooby-Doo Mysteries now choose to spend their leisure time with? Obviously, the intrigue of mystery likely still draws them, but how many enjoyed the supernatural aspects, that were entwined in the story. Today, we will briefly explore the genres that envelope witches, […]

Rustlers, RoundUps, Rodeos and Romance

Westerns? Years ago, in the library, that meant a trip to “L” in the Adult Fiction section for Louis L’Amour.  Once engaged, the patrons read and reread the stories of taming the Wild West.  Not anymore.  Westerns like all good fiction has broadened its scope. “There’s a new Sheriff in Town” has taken on a […]