Bancroft Home & Recreation Show

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Friday, June 21
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Saturday, June 22
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 23
10:00 am pm to 3:00 pm

at the Bancroft Curling Club, 63 Newkirk, Bancroft, ON

Friends of the North Hastings Public Library

More Than Just A Space

Beyond exhibit space, banners and logos, there’s the experience. Partnership opportunities involve the creation of a complete, active and vibrant visitor experience designed to maximize your exposure to your target audience. Whether visitors interact with your product, take away samples or are sold face-to-face, your sponsorship opportunity will be custom crafted to meet your specific objectives

Sponsor This!

Sponsors of our events can receive official product designations and rights to use our marks on packaging and in their advertising. If being the official product or service at the show isn’t your thing, there are plenty more options to maximize your presence at the event. Ideas include sponsoring the online ticket discount (your logo and offer on tens of thousands of online tickets!), or sponsoring the stage (associate your brand with celebrities and industry leading presenters).

Measure It! We Do!

We encourage you to measure your results against objectives using whatever criteria you see fit (sales dollars, leads generated, samples distributed, data collected, etc.) If that’s not in your wheelhouse, we’re available to help you assess your return on investment with our own proprietary post-event evaluations that are based on industry valuation standards.
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