Furry, Fluffy, Feathered Friends

Furry, Fluffy, Feathered Friends

Do you know…

If you have a Labrador Retriever named Bella – then you have the number one dog breed, with the number one dog name, listed for 2019.  The Labrador Retriever has been at the top of the list since 1991, or so it said in our online search.  The name Labrador is a bit deceiving as the dog originated from Newfoundland.  They come in three colours (black, yellow and chocolate) and you can get all three in the same litter.  They were bred to be the perfect water dog with a water-resistant double coat and webbed toes.  They are the most common breed used for guide dogs and thanks to their powerful noses, they have a high success rate in detecting cancer.

As spring approaches, the quest for a puppy often begins.  We see several people at the library researching for the perfect pooch.  Colour, pedigree, temperament, energy level, size, availability, special needs… there are so many topics to cover. Thankfully, we have a lot of resources to help that search.  Whether your information comes from the library computer workstations or from the vast amount of library materials that you can borrow, there are a multitude of topics for you to discover.

Puppies are adorable, but who can resist a baby lamb or a baby goat? As homesteading is becoming a more desired lifestyle, many rural residents are expanding their interests to include these cuties. Goat’s milk and sheep’s wool are only two benefits of raising lambs and kids, aside from the fact that they make great companions.  By-products like goat’s milk soap are highly coveted, as more and more environmental allergies surface.

Not a fan of the fur-babies?  No problem! How about baby chicks? There are 20 top-noted chicken breeds for backyard coops. Like dogs, each breed is unique and should be studied thoroughly for a good fit to your household.  Need to build a new chicken coop, complete with the cute little shutters, and are looking for some inspiration?  Want more information on incubation and hatching your own chicks?  Looking to advertise eggs for sale online, but don’t have a computer?  Wondering when the date for the next Farmers’ Market is scheduled?  The answer could be as close as your public library.

Maybe beehives have intrigued you for a while and you are finally ready to get some answers to those on-going questions.  Definitely, not furry, fluffy or feathered, and many would say not overly friendly, yet beekeeping is steadily growing in popularity.  Piglets also do not fall in the fluffy and feathered category, yet potbellied pigs have a following all of their own.  What many do not realize is that these babies become 100-pound-plus pets and live 15-20 years. Are you thinking about adding to your family? Do you know if your new spring buddy will be a good fit? Do you know if they have special needs? Do you know where the answers are free…the public library!

Submitted by Paige Turner