Love Your Library

Once upon a time, around 1901, a public library opened in the village of Bancroft.  It was called Bancroft Public Library.  Over the years, children, adults, seniors, families and friends gathered to learn, to dream, to discover, to explore… It was something different for everyone.  A quiet space and a social space. A place of leisure and a place to learn. A resource for information and a haven for entertainment. Over the years, public library services grew and the patronage expanded. The library moved many times to accommodate the growth.

With each move came new opportunities. In 1978, Faraday Township joined the Bancroft Public Library. The residents and ratepayers of Faraday embraced their library and eventually became volunteers and Trustees of the Bancroft Public Library Board.  In 2001, a new Library CEO was hired and the search began to find, yet another, building to house the library.

In 2018, Limerick Township also contracted with the Bancroft Public Library for library service.  The Library Board felt it was time for a new image that represented their desire for inclusivity and acceptance of diversity.  A new logo was designed and the library changed their operating name to North Hastings Public Library to embrace their expanding regional community.

Finally, in 2021 – after 120 years of service and 20 years with multiple location rejections,  North Hastings Public Library received almost $1.74 Million dollars to build a new library.  You might think this is a happy ending, but it is actually the beginning of a new story.  This story includes a community hub and much needed affordable housing, on site. Will you be part of the next chapter?  We are excited to meet our next cast of characters that will shape the future of North Hastings Public Library and Community Hub.

Contact Library CEO Kimberly McMunn ( or check out this website for information on donations or volunteering.

This is a community project with unlimited opportunities. Maybe one of those opportunities is a page in your story…