Proposed Community-Hub Would Provide North Hastings With Accessible Library

Proposed Community-Hub

Proposed Community-Hub Would Provide North Hastings With Accessible Library

After many years and many initiatives, a new opportunity awaits Bancroft Public Library operating as North Hastings Public Library. Library patrons are eagerly waiting on news that could open up many possibilities for the North Hastings community.

When the library was first located in the Flint Street location, there was room for collection growth.  Today, staff has had to make some hard decisions about the collection, to ensure that there is room for the next couple of years acquisitions and expansions.  Accessibility has always been a building challenge. With membership growing and usage increasing; entering the building, and accessing the upper and lower levels have become a daily issue.  One of the biggest concerns is access to the washroom, which is located on a landing between the two levels.  Town Councils, various Library Boards and staff have looked at many options for relocation, in the past.  This is the first time that a building developer has been thoroughly engaged in the process.

The plan proposes a three-story building, located in the middle of downtown Bancroft.  Our library survey indicated that a downtown location was very important to our extended community.  The top two floors will hold 10 (ten) housing units.  The bottom floor will be geared to an accessible library and community program space (with a bit of room for building infrastructure, such as heating and electrical).

The Town of Bancroft, with the support of the municipalities of Faraday and Limerick, have submitted a Cultural Infrastructure application to be viewed by the Provincial and Federal governments.  If successful, the library will initiate a small capital campaign to raise the balance of funds needed to complete the project.  If unsuccessful with the application, then we will be looking for different options, and a larger capital campaign.  It is going to be an exciting year!