Staycation doesn’t mean Stagnation

Staycation doesn’t mean Stagnation

Repeat after me… “Change is Good!” Louder! “CHANGE is GOOD!” Okay, now that you have the right mindset, let’s talk about that upcoming holiday, and how you are going to make the change from your usual travel plans. This year, many activities and events are not available. In some cases, travel from place to place is not an option either. So, what is Plan B? Not sure? Maybe your local library can help? With one well planned visit you can take the Stagnation out of your Staycation!

Let’s start with what interests you? Have you ever looked at your local community to see what it has to offer? For years, I travelled by a Gem Store. I always though of it as a tourist attraction. Then one day the kids asked to go there. It truly was a GEM and it was right under my nose. The library carries books on identifying rocks and minerals, as well as the healing powers of this natural resource. Trails are another natural resource. Walking, biking, hiking, ATV and even highway trails are surrounding your area. Give your librarian a call/email and see if they carry any local brochures. Why not pack a picnic, too? With a little planning you can arrange a scavenger hunt right from your resting spot. This is only one idea taken from books to keep kids busy in the great outdoors. (Please leave the area as you found it.  Take away trash, and be respectful of the environment while visiting.)

Don’t forget the Farmers’ Market. One stop for some fresh produce can provide your picnic lunch with a much-anticipated treat. You can even use the market for creating a Destination-theme meal. Pop by the library and pick up a recipe book. Make an authentic dish from a destination that you always wanted to go to. Taco’s with fresh tomatoes or Chinese with fresh broccoli…mmmm! While your dinner is simmering, why not play a board game, or set up the 2500-piece puzzle that you always meant to do. Some libraries also lend games and puzzles as part of their collection. Once dinner is done, you might consider a paint night – lots of inspiration and instruction can be found on the library shelves using picture books or books from the art collection. Then again, maybe that wonderful meal left you feeling like holding the couch down. In that case, why not finish off your day with a movie night. If your destination was the Caribbean, why not re-watch some old favourites like Jaws or The Deep? The library has a wide variety of movies to borrow.

Well, here we are again, at the end of our article, and we haven’t even talked about a ‘beach day’ with books or audio books, for all members of the family. No time for ‘finishing a house project’ either. Give the library a call or an e-mail, we would love to help you take the stagnation our of this year’s staycation!

Submitted by Paige Turner