The Story Behind the Logo


The Story Behind the Logo

It takes a Library to complete a community…

During the process of exploring operating partnerships with other libraries in North Hastings, a common factor was voiced often – a fear of loss of identity.  The Bancroft Public Library Board of Trustees took this sentiment to heart; and when the Township of Limerick approached the BPL Board for a service agreement, they decided that it was time to re-brand the library.

Legally the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport determines the legal name of the library, which is the Bancroft Public Library Board, but the board does have the power to change the operating name.  Considering that Bancroft Public Library resides in somewhat central North Hastings and is used by people throughout North Hastings, and since Bancroft Public Library has had a long- standing service contract with the Township of Faraday; it seemed Bancroft Public Library operating as North Hastings Public Library was an inclusive option for BPL’s broader community.

Using ‘inclusion” and “community” as a guideline for logo development, the board decided to embrace other factors too.  To acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin nation, we included a medicine wheel and feathers.  They rest on a canoe that is a representative of the clean water and natural beauty found in North Hastings.  The canoe is red (life) followed by the colours orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), blue (serenity) and purple (spirit) – the colours of the Pride Flag.  North Hastings Public Library will strive to offer a positive space for all who enter, embracing everyone as part of our extended community, which is represented by the two figures at the top of the logo.  Finally, the foundation of the logo is a receptive “open book”, where each page is unique, but an integral part of a bigger whole…much like our partnership between Bancroft, Faraday and Limerick.  The North Hastings Public Library brand is a new storyline with room for growth and development.  We welcome everyone to be part of our next chapter!