Twenty-five years at the library

Twenty-five years at the library

Bev Creighton (Librarian) and Noreen Tinney (Chairperson of the Board )

Hi everybody.

It’s Bev and I just wanted to say… “Who knew that volunteering at the Bancroft Public Library would turn into a 25 year working career?”.  I would publicly like to thank all members of the board, town of Bancroft, co-workers past & present, patrons and public for all the support and friendship given to me over those years.

All the changes I have worked through.

One of my first jobs at the library was filing index cards in the card catalogue. (Remember those?).  Before computers, ( Yes, I was here before the internet ) we had huge cabinets that had rows and rows of tiny little cards to identify what books were where and what books we had on any subject.  I don’t miss them, not even a little bit. But now trying to keep up with the new tech can make me feel a little nostalgic for the paper.

What I would miss are all the people and their stories.  The little people I helped find Dr Seuss books are now grown and bringing their babies into the library.  I once had a Mom tell me a list of my favourite fantasy books stayed with her daughter until she went away to university. Chatting with cottagers from year to year and weekly visits of regulars are some of my happiest memories.  There have been challenges and losses but I don’t think I would change a thing.

Drop by and see me, I’m still here.