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Who needs popcorn and a movie?

A large segment of readers are mystery story readers.  What was once known as a simple “Who-Done-It?” has blossomed into a market with broader dimensions.  There are the traditional detective mysteries and legal thrillers, but did you know there are culinary mystery authors, too?  Many have heard of Diane Mott Davidson’s food series with titles like Chopping Spree, but have a peek at these specialty authors…

There are books written with dessert recipes. Death by Chocolate written by Sarah Graves sounds decadent.  Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra) writes the Candy-Coated Mystery Series and the Fudge Shop Mystery Series is written by Christine DeSmet. If those are a little too sweet for your liking, you could sample the Pie Shop Mystery series by Carol Culver (aka Grace Carroll), or if you are just looking for a little taste of mystery, you could try Kristi Abbott’s Gourmet Popcorn Shop Mystery Series.

Some culinary mystery authors also use culture in their theme, like the Amish Candy Shop Mystery Series by Amanda Flower (aka Isabella Alan).  Paige Shelton has two series – Farmer’s Market Mysteries and Country Cooking School Mystery Series.  There are even culinary mysteries based on location such as the Santa Fe Café Mystery Series by Ann Myers, Phillip R. Craig’s Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series or Pecan Bayou Mystery Series by Teresa Trent.  Finally, for those readers with a selective palette, Lucy Burdette (aka Robeta Isleib) offers the Key West Food Critic Mystery Series. 

Then there is the triple threat of recipes, patterns and a good mystery story to solve.  Where do you begin?  With a catchy title like Knit & Nibble Mystery Series, Peggy Ehrhart will have readers easily anticipating the next read.  Laura Childs writes three culinary sets call Tea Shop Mysteries and Scrapbooking Mysteries and Cackleberry Club Mystery series.   There are quilting mysteries and Betty Hechtman captures her audience with the Yarn Retreat Mystery Series.  Of course, you can’t talk about food with mentioning the garden and Kathleen Bridge does just that in the Hamptons Home and Garden Mystery Series.

Would you believe there is even a set of authors that write pet recipe mysteries?  There are many authors that have cat or dog assist in solving the puzzle but the following authors even include recipes for their furry sleuths.  Liz Magavero includes a pet treat recipe in Pawsitively Organic Gourmet Pet Food Mystery series. Krista Davis offers a twist with recipes for both pets and their owners in the Paws and Claws Mystery Series, as does Jane Cantrell with her Fat Cat Mystery Series.  One might also see an interesting cast of characters and recipes in Bethany Blake’s Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery Series, too.

As much fun as it has been to explore the culinary mystery sector, our time here is done for another week.  I leave you with a Delia Rosen’s Deadly Deli Mystery Series, Michele Scott’s Wine Lover’s Mystery Series and Avery Aames (aka Daryl Wood Gerber) Cheese Shop Mystery Series. Bon Appetit!

Submitted by Paige Turner