Your Public Library Can Help

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Your Public Library Can Help

When you have a questions and Google doesn’t know – then what?  The Internet provides a vast amount of information but sometimes we cannot find the answer to what we are looking for?  Many small-town resources are not always on the map.  Or maybe you found the resource but all you came away with is a pamphlet, due to their budget challenges.  Your next stop should be the public library.

Now it is possible that the librarian may take you right back to the Internet, but maybe they will have you search under a different, related topic.  It is also possible that they may have some materials for you to borrow and they may be able to give you information on more agencies that support the topic you are looking for.

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness month.  Yes, the Internet is full of information on the subject, but sometimes too much information is worse than not enough.  Is the information current?  Check your sources.  Studies published years ago may no longer be relevant.  Have you stopped by 1 Manor Lane in Bancroft?  Our local team of professionals are well versed in the challenges of living in rural Ontario.  They understand transportation issues.  They understand housing situations.  They are well connected to other health care agencies.  They also work with the public library to ensure that the information you receive there, is updated and accurate.

Many service groups collaborate in the North Hastings area.  They meet through an Interagency Lunch and share their latest and greatest information with each other.  When you connect with one organization, they can also refer you to more resources to assist with your queries.  Sometimes groups will combine their resources and offer information sessions such as the one posted on Friday, February 14, 2020 at 10:30 at the Club 580 in Bancroft.  This 1-hour public session about Alzheimer Awareness, hosted by the North Hastings Public Library, will also be held in neighbouring communities through their libraries. (Please contact your local library to see if they are hosting a session in their area – some libraries may collaborate with another.)  Did you know that the 10th Annual Walk for Alzheimer’s in North Hastings, is on Saturday, January 25, 2020 9:30am-11:00am at the Hastings Centennial Manor Fireside Room.  The poster is on the events board at the library.

Of course, besides Internet access, staff assistance, information sessions and public notices, the library also carries a variety of materials on a diversity of topics.  There are some great fiction books, DVDs and audio books like Still Alice by Lisa Genova, that give you a little insight to how Alzheimer’s can impact a family.  There are non-fiction stories on how families have coped with the changes to their worlds.  You can find resources such as cookbooks for single-portion meal making.  If the book you need is not in-house the library may be able to access it from another library in Ontario.  So, what is your question?  Chances are the library has an answer for that!

Submitted by Paige Turner